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16 February 2024
How ZKP and ZK-Rollups help solve the scalability problem: a review of the zkSync blockchain
In this article, I'll explain what Zero-knowledge proof technology is and talk about a popular blockchain — zkSync: how transactions work in zkSync and the main differences from the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this blockchain, which we believe could have a promising future.
12 February 2024
RWA explained: Opportunities of Real-World Assets in 2024
Real-World Assets explained: why it's called one of the crypto world's trends for 2024. Opportunity of RWA for converting financial assets into blockchain-based format.
31 January 2024
Zero-knowledge proof explained and 2024 Trends
Talk about one of the technological solutions for transaction anonymization — Zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) and why it has gained wide development and popularity in recent years compared to other similar technologies.
11 January 2024
How to create a widget for sending cryptocurrency transactions directly from Google Sheets: The startup story of Cpaytoday
Continuing to share success stories of entrepreneurs and startup founders who have gone from an idea to launching their MVP
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27 December 2023
Vesting in сrypto projects: Why it's needed and how to implement it
In this article, I will discuss various techniques, approaches, and patterns in token distribution among project participants, as well as showcase several popular solutions used for token vesting.
25 December 2023
Early stage startups often fail to keep up with development. How to avoid this?
Here are the mistakes founders make most often, the ways for a team to set priorities and keep up with development, and the best practices to follow in the absence of the necessary expertise.
21 December 2023
How can one attract investments for their project? Insights from those who successfully raised a round in 2023
Fundraising is a current business process that's on the radar for many entrepreneurs and startups. I reached out to a few experts in my investor and venture capital network. They shared their own stories, experiences, and mistakes and answered my questions.
14 December 2023
CTO in a startup: When is the need for a technical partner, and how to find one?
We reached out to entrepreneurs with varying experiences on this matter to learn their real stories and gather valuable advice on how to find a CTO if you decide that you need one.
13 December 2023
Account Abstraction: A Tool Against Gas Fees in Your dApp
In 2016, Vitalik Buterin first introduced the idea of account abstractions, and seven years later, in March 2023, we saw its implementation as the ERC-4337 standard. And in this piece, we'll talk about how such technology is implemented and how it solved a problem for one of our long-time clients.