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Haskell Development Services

We have been in love with the language since 2018: design projects and teach Haskell developers.

What projects does Haskell fit best?

Haskell is suitable for long-term projects with complex domains and business logic. Its implementation also includes projects with no ready-made library solutions and critical work reliability.

LogisticsFinTechBlockchainMedTechBiotechMarTechFinancial modeling Concurrent and parallel programming AnalyticsCompilersScientific modeling Type-checkers Cluster computing Parsers

Standard projects like marketplaces are more efficient to build in other languages. Usually there are more suitable templates and libraries.

However, if your project relates at least to one of the previously mentioned spheres, pay greater attention to Haskell. Pay greater attention to it, if you have an MVP that will take more than half a year to build and scope after obtaining investments. ‍

When we were designing our courier delivery startup, we switched from Python to Haskell. It allowed us to scale client service functionality extensively over the next two years.

How Haskell saves time, money and makes life easier

It possesses the most advanced type system among all commercial development languages. The type system controls the program logic, limits it and does not allow it to operate wrong. Due to these factors, development is:

  • Reliable: it has fewer bugs because they are easy to find
    An advanced compiler reports many potential bugs which need fixing in advance. Otherwise, the application will not get into production.
  • Fast: less time for testing
    A developer doesn't even need to exit the code editor to check that everything works as expected 95% of the time. A compiler controls all the weak points, so there is no need to test every modification. Less context switching means more focus on the task.
  • Risk-free refactoring

    Adding new functionalities to a project is only 10-15% of development. It is often a supplement to existing project parts or refactoring/redesign, which requested modifying service operation. After making changes in one place, the Haskell compiler will remind to fix other dependent project parts.

    Refactoring is a must in MVP startups development. We actively change the project functionalities and add new ones.

How do we use Haskell?

  • We provide reliability in large systems
    We design solutions for insurance companies and financial services. For example, we are working on a state-level financial system
  • We create startups on the blockchain

    We develop projects on the Cardano blockchain platform using the Plutus platform, which is written in Haskell

  • We help our employees and anybody who wants it to learn the language.

    We've designed the Developer Roadmap, our Haskell team uses it for further improvement of their skills level. We hire junior developers after graduating our Training Program, and in our team they continue to grow their experience with the roadmap and enhance their level of expertise.

We're able to join the project at any stage

  • Building decentralized services that will change tomorrow's reality.
  • We will take care of a technical part of your startup and build the first version of your product.
  • We will develop a project from scratch or provide a Haskell development team for completed project support.