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Solidity Development Company

Developing blockchain platforms to create new version of Web.

Our Experience working with EVM

Akropolis DeFi yield aggregator products

$20 million
$3.5 million
trading volume per day
We developed a frontend for 10 MVPs. It is DeFi yield aggregator products featuring curated best-in-class yield generation strategies from various protocols.
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MetaPool Developed a centralized launchpad from scratch

$50 000
3.5 months
Develop a backend and frontend, wrote EVM smart contracts and designed the platform
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Why Ethereum is good way to decentralize

  • Popularity
    EVM networks use the most developed and popular smart-contract language - Solidity. Among blockchain developers, this is the most popular language, and most applications in the crypto world are written in it. By choosing Solidity, you make finding and augmenting a team easier.
  • Accessibility
    By choosing Solidity, you get a greater choice of networks that you can work with.
  • Upgradability
    Solidity is the most supported and actively developed smart-contract language today. Solidity projects are easier to maintain and scale.

Mikhail Dashkevich


When we started our way in blockchain our expertise in Haskell led us to Cardano. But after several months we realized that we are interested in Ethereum too due to its popularity and prevalence in the blockchain industry.

Which ideas we embody


Making systems for users to help them more control over their money through personal wallets and trading services.


Having experience in building digital marketplaces for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens.

Blockchain solutions for GameDev

Implementing smart contracts in blockchain games.

Data analytics services

Making services that help people monitor crypto metrics and choose right decisions
We believe that blockchain solutions become a foundation for online interaction between people.

No Stress From Us

  • Founders of several startups or Developing our own products
    We develop our own products, from a courier service to fintech startups. We know what it's like to be a founder, and this experience helps us work with client projects.
  • Extensive network in funds and accelerators
    We can help not only with development, but also with fundraising. Over the past few years, we have built a network of partner funds and accelerators for startups and can help with pitch deck or make warm intros if you need them.
  • We act predictably
    We understand the importance of transparency. Sometimes you have to know: what functionality you are expecting in the output; timelines when the result will be delivered; what is the next step when the project is over. We help to cover all these issues at the very beginning.
We are convinced that there are no "silly" questions, and the earlier you talk through every awkward issue, the more pleasing the result will be. That is why we are open to questions throughout the work, so that in the end both you and us will be satisfied with the result.