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Cardano NFT-marketplace

The First NFT-marketplace on Cardano

5 people
in the team
5 month
of work

Designed and developed in collaboration with IOHK, a decentralized application on the Plutus platform. The created DApp is one of the first NFT marketplaces on Cardano.

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20 June 2024
Why use blockchain for wine: Tokenizing premium alcohol
Increasingly, investors view expensive wine and whiskey bottles as profitable investment tools and valuable collectibles. Discover how blockchain technology enhances the reliability of these investments and where electronic transactions are taking place.
14 June 2024
What is DAO?
"A DAO is people." - Adam J. Kerpelman, DAOHaus
03 June 2024
Which rollup to choose for your project? Comparing Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, zkEVM, and others
Rollup fees plummeted by 99% after the Cancun fork, making them even more attractive for launching Web3 applications. But which rollup should you choose? We compare the market leaders in L2 across a spectrum of metrics—from technology to grant programs.
30 May 2024
NFT Staking: How does It work?
Everyone knows about staking regular ERC-20 tokens. But what about ERC-721? There have long been conflicting opinions surrounding NFT staking, and we've decided to delve into it from a technological standpoint. Let's talk about how it works: how to set it up on smart contracts, how rewards are calculated, and what benefits it can bring to projects and NFT holders. Welcome to the technical guide on NFT staking!
17 May 2024
We've adapted a mobile RPG for the blockchain and assisted a client from Germany in selling NFTs to web2 users
We developed NFT smart contracts and an API for one computer role-playing game, linking smart contracts with the online game. Spoiler: the transition from web2 to web3 worked out.
16 May 2024
TON Payments: how users can send micro-payments without fees and where to use this technology
If blockchain users conduct micro-payments that are not recorded on the blockchain itself, they become free and unrestricted in speed. Read about how TON developers achieved this, how secure such transactions are, and why to use TON Payments in online games and offline.
06 May 2024
TON: What you need to know before launching a project on this blockchain
In our guide, we delve into the remarkable story of The Open Network, its advantages and pitfalls, integration with Telegram, and recommendations for applying for a grant.
25 April 2024
Sharding in TON: How a 90s idea helped scale blockchain and solve its main problem
Developers of TON have figured out how to make blockchain accessible to an infinite number of users. Read on to find out how sharding fits into this and what other problems TON solves, making this blockchain faster and more reliable than others.
22 March 2024
Top Blockchain Development Companies in 2024
In recent years, blockchain tech, like a fancy digital ledger, has become a big deal. These companies are like the industry pioneers, leading the way in getting more people to use blockchain and making it better.